Traveling in an RV on a budget

One may think traveling in an RV is expensive. It doesn’t have to be!
Food is one main expense you can cut costs down on. By bringing your own food from home you can save alot of money while traveling. Canned beans stay good for a long time and make a great instant meal on the road. Beef jerky. We all love it. And if you can make it yourself you got a nice preserved high protein snack on the go! Rice is a other food you can take with you in an RV. It is very cheap. 50 pound bags can be had for under 5 dollars. That could feed the family for your whole vacation!

Fuel expenses are another main cost of travel. Gasoline engines usually do not get good mileage. Especially ones that are capable of hauling the weight of an RV. Now hook a load up to that engine and the mileage suffers tremendously. Go get yourself something with a turbocharged diesel engine. They are capable of almost anything you can throw their way. All while sounding great and getting twice the mileage of a gas engine.

Kids who want to stop and buy everything they see are another main cost of travel. Solution? Don’t bring your kids! Or teach them that you have to work hard for your money and that they need to respect that. Make them so chores to see just how much you have to work to buy the things they have and want.

All in all travel can be cheap or expensive it is all up to you!


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